Let me introduce myself. My Name is Len Chessmore. I’m a Dreamer! Intrinsic Sportswear is a dream that started Back in 1989. I was a young adult (kid) running around and surfing the beaches of So. Cal. wishing I could start my own Brand of beachwear. 

Fast forward to Nov 4th 2016 living in Boise Idaho, A very proud father of two beautiful girls. I owned a landscaping company, DreamScapes. I was living my outdoor life. I still enjoyed an active sport driven lifestyle. Many days spent, playing softball, pickleball, hiking, floating the rivers, wakeboarding, bird hunting with my GPS, fishing bass tournaments, gym most days, basketball official and still finding time to make trips back to the beach to get on a surfboard, scuba dive, and sailing.

On that day of Nov 4th, I was getting ready to fly to Hawaii to see Jimmy Buffet at the shell. This day I was faced with the news that rocked my world. I had Chronic Myeloid Leukoma. How could this be? I’m healthy? This day changed my life forever. My choice, stop living or start living!  This day I started living. Living to help others, living like there may not be a tomorrow. I got on that plane, and saw Jimmy Buffet I went surfing, and diving. I now work in a hospital. I cherish every day I have. I love my family. I started living my dreams. Hence Intrinsic Sportwear. A dream so many moons ago. I may not be able do everything I used to, but I still have the memories and I’ll spend every minute I’m blessed with making new ones. When the outdoors is something more then something outside, it’s something inside yourself!

Never stop living your dreams, tomorrow isn’t promised so make the most of this day we have been blessed with! So let’s make memories, dreams and let Intrinsic sportswear keep you covered!

Thank you so much, you are a huge part of making this dream a reality.


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